Afro-Mexican, Dance-Dance, Revolution...

Welcome. Come with me and sit in the rain.
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FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN----> And thus, it was written: Those who dwell in the Kingdom of God shall live long on this earth... For thine, in his infinite power, shall deem all ye who seek redemption, the glory and manifestation of his word. You know--you know where you are. Beautiful souls are opened up in the interaction created with work and school. A lot of people have read Catcher in the Rye, and the know what I mean. That's why J.D. doesn't want people to know his real name-makes sense to me. Fade out. And thus it was written, give your soul to him. What's that...? Chai Latte is in my stomach and a Multicultural Education reader on my desk. Can you teach people to be multicultural? Well, you can teach a dog to hula, so I suppose so... I better get to writing, make something of myself. Study hard--chemistry and the sciences, Mum and Dad want you to be a Doctor.


Oxygen should be regarded as a drug.
Meeting people is easy. See?

"I jumped into the river.  What did I see? Black heart angel swam with me..."  Thom Yorke

Indeed, they rule all and you rule nothing.

He's here.
Just listen.

Off with his head man...